It’s me… Kona

Hey and stuff everyone it’s me Kona!  I’ve had a lot of fun over the past five years with this reality show going on around my house.  Cameras following me around, bright lights and special fx.  I even get catnip and treats everyday when I do my live broadcasts on Periscope and Facebook Live.


I really want to keep this film crew around so that they can continue to film me beating up Bo because I know that brings you humans a lot of joy!  We’ve been able to keep the show going in the past by doing fundraisers to keep making new Seasons.  Season 4 is coming to an end and we really want to keep the show going if you’re down with that.  That’s why we just started a Patreon Fundraiser

Our first month for the Patreon fundraiser to keep the show going has come to an end and so far we’ve raised 25% of our $500 goal.   If we can’t reach our goal of $500 by December 1st (end of season 4)  our show will sadly come to an end.  Keep in mind this is our 1st goal but we’d really like to bring on some more help and reach our 2nd goal of $1000 so that we can put out episodes every week for you.  We’ll be able to do this by hiring on more people to help with the show.

Thank you so much for all of your support and we look forward to making new and exciting episodes for you!

FYI I will now play with my mouse toy and then probably beat up Bo!  See you tomorrow on our next FBLive and Periscope broadcasts


11 thoughts on “It’s me… Kona

  1. Hello, N2 Crew you know that I will be with you all the way.. I am willing to even help out some times
    since you moved to Ohio and I am in Ohio too. So please keep up the shows. Go N2 Crew…


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